Version 1.1 update!

Version 1.1 patch notes, mostly small changes, but one big change to help speed up your ability to explore the worlds of Bell Kingdom!

Big change:

Dash ability added!

The ability to dash has been added. This doesn't impact jumping distance, but allows you to cover ground faster for those larger levels.  You can toggle whether you need to hold a button [stomp button] to dash or whether it is automatic if you keep running for a few seconds. This of course made some timed sections easier, so they have been slightly altered to adjust for this.

Less big changes:

Cam Reset Button!

If you press a button [LT by default] the camera will now reset to behind Bell.

Menu Options fix

There was an inconsistency in the menus where pressing left/right could toggle some options but not others, should now work across all of the options where this is appropriate.

Stomping effect

Stomping now has a small particle effect and slightly adjusted animation to look more distinct from regular falling to the ground.

Blue Crystals

The blue crystals in one level have been made more effective.

Picnic Island

A platform has been extended under the first rotating platform near the top to catch you if you miss the first jump.

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