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Cute and quite impressive for something made in 2005! I played through the first handful of levels and had fun. I can understand your gripes with the moving platforms as I had some trouble getting on and off of them successfully; this game would probably benefit from having grid-locked movement as opposed to free movement, which makes the controls feel a little tricky and twitchy.

Thanks!  Yeah, wish I'd known about grid-locked movement back then :)

I came back to this game and got through the rest of the story mode. I'm really impressed with the game's variety! The game definitely picked up towards the end for me, and I enjoyed the tougher puzzles and last two bosses especially. It's really nice to see all of the extras; it's clear that this game was a real passion project. I definitely want to start checking out your other games after playing this!

Thanks =D

Here's a two-part longplay of most of the game :)