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We Are Alone was my entry for Ludum Dare 22, created in 48 hours for the theme of "Alone", in December 2011.  This was the first Ludum Dare I took part in.  

Wake up on a mountain and try to stay alive before you die of exposure, search your surroundings for caves that may contain items that will improve your odds of finding a way off the mountain.

When you die, you can select another character and continue on the same mountain.  The footprints from your previous attempts remain on the mountain, and any items you had when you died will remain where your previous attempt ended.


Also included is a somewhat updated version (its still kind of buggy) featuring sounds, slightly better graphics, and some ideas I had for the gamejam version but didn't have time to include within the time limit, such as the characters having slightly different abilities, multiple endings, a randomly generated puzzle, more detailed caves - but to be honest in retrospect I think it suffers from feature creep somewhat.  If you only play one of these versions I think I would recommend the LD22 game jam version.


LD22-WeAreAlone.zip 1 MB
WeAreAlone - post jam version.zip 6 MB

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