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Tiny Galaxy was my entry for Ludum Dare 23, created in 48 hours for the theme of "Tiny World", in April 2012.

The shadow bunnies have stolen your rice cakes!  You have to explore four tiny galaxies and get all the rice cakes back or your picnic will be ruined! 

I used this game jam as an opportunity to challenge myself and attempted to make a platformer that is kind of like a super simple 2D Mario Galaxy kind of thing.  I also made my own music for the first time.  It was also the last time =P (press M to mute the music!)


Arrow keys to move

A to jump

S spins planets faster (only used in one stage)

M mutes/unmutes the music

Escape quits

Game saves automatically whenever you beat a level.

Created in BlitzMax

Sound effects created using sfxR

Music created using pxtone


LD23tinygalaxy.zip 4.8 MB


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This is a cute game! There's a nice volume of ideas here for a game that had to be made in 48 hours, and the artstyle is charming despite its rushed look. The only issue I really have is that the platforming feels awkward due to the jagged nature of the planets.

Sure, the music is far from incredible, but it's still better than what I'm capable of doing...