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Deicide was my entry for Ludum Dare 31, created in 48 hours for the theme of "Entire Game On One Screen", in December 2014.

Defy the tyrannous gods, commit deicide!

So this game is basically a one-screen-arena bosh rush. I had plans for a lot more bosses, but that probably would have been too hard anyway. Nine is a reasonable number to defeat, maybe?!

Every god is preceded by two guardians. You heal 25% of your health after every god is defeated. Falling down the pit doesn't kill you, but does deal a lot of damage. The guardians begin to attack you after you destroy one of the three statues.


A: Jump

S: Charge blast (you can tell how much charge by colour of magic around your gauntlet)

D: Dash forward

Tested with XBox 360 controller

Enjoy! Destroy everything!

There is no sound in the game as I didn't have time to implement sounds or music for the 48 hour time limit.


LD31_Deicide_byTifu.zip 1.5 MB


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Here's a bit of gameplay If you want to see :)