A downloadable game for Windows

This is a room escape game made for the Ludum Dare 48 hour game development challenge. The them was 'One Room'. Explore the tiny room you have found yourself trapped in, and find a way to escape!


First person exploration with mouse and WASD/Arrow keys
Left CTRL to crouch/stand up
Left click on items to pick them up, use items on objects, or press buttons
Right click to drop any items you are carrying
Q/E to rotate the item you have in hand

Objects glow when you mouse over them according to whether they can be picked up (yellow), an item can be used on them (green) or if they are a button/switch (purple/red).


LD37_RoomEscape_byTifu.zip 11 MB


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Spoilers (Scoring through text to make it a little harder for people to see hints if just scrolling through comments cos I don't think there's a proper spoiler formatting here): The note on top of the safe gives you the hint for the code. If you've found the key that opens the box you now know what direction north is.  Every wall has something on it that can be counted to get the code.


very good game I I got stumped on the last one but didn't edit it out of the video